Barstow to Las Vegas

Today marks the start of our return home. Today we would drive from Barstow to Las Vegas. What I didn’t know is it was going to be a BAD day for me.

We started out grabbing the first cache of the day in Barstow called Wadda Caboose! which we located. From here we got on the I-15 and headed to Irwin Road where we started to grab several caches in the area. The first one was no problem but the second one took some time before I found lid of what’s left of the cache about 30 m from ground zero. The rest of cache was no where to be seen.
We then headed over to the The Calico Cat Cache which we hiked up to and then onto “In The Face Of “Rock Biter”

Rumrunner1 and Sweet Marie

After leaving here we did a few more caches in the area. Then it was back on the I-15 where we went to Hang in there where I got out of the car and headed to the other side of the road. The problem was i looked but thought the Jeep that was coming was on the I-15 and started to the middle of the road when the Jeep went by at 100 kph (60 mph) missing me by 2 feet. I turned around and was white. What a stupid mistake. Sweet Marie said i was shaking, no kidding I was.

We soon left here and went for something slightly easier called Tired of looking? and this cache was soon located and the log signed. It was when we were leaving I saw a street sign in the middle of no-where and no-where, I decided to take a photo of it. I stopped the car and put the left leg out and had the right leg in. I started to take the photo when the car started moving forward and I was now hopping down the dirt road as the car was picking up speed. Rumrunner1 shifted car into neutral and I manged to get back in and use the brake. Damn that was close, that was two caches in a row. I may not make it to my next birthday at this rate which just happens to be tomorrow.

We then headed off to the other end of Yermo Road where we cleaned up some caches that I had left in November. There were no incidents here.

Once done here we headed back down I-15 where we replaced one cache at the owners request called Goin’ to Vegas. I have to pee.

It was then onto Basin Beach where I tried to make this a drive up and got the car stuck in the sand. Damn this was my third incident of the day.

From here it was off to Zzyzx Road where we did 4 caches. From here we stopped in Baker for a quick bite to eat and grab 2 more caches. We managed a few more caches before cleaning up some caches at Nipton Road we Rumrunner1 and I in November.

We stayed at the South Point tonight because we wanted a good place to stay and a good nights sleep. We manged to get two rooms for $42.00 a night and no resort Fee. We had 2-1 for the Buffet and also ordered a bottle of wine in celebration of Rumrunner1 and I going over 4000 caches and Sweet Marie going over 7000 caches. We also set a 1 day record of 472. The other two arranged for a nice piece of cake with a Candle in it and the staff sing me Happy Birthday. Thank You Rumrunner1 and Sweet Marie!

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