The “Kokopelli” series in Utah

Well Rumrunner1 and I got up early and were on the road just after 0600 headed for Utah. This would be about 1:15 hour drive. On the way we would stop and grab a few caches in Arizona in Littlefield and then head north up into the desert in Utah.

The road was good driving into the area and we noted many Joshua Tree’s and lots of cactus along with other scrub. We had read prior logs and Rattle Snakes were still active so we would have to be careful.

We finally arrived at the parking area and parked the car. WE soon were off with lots of water in tow,

We arrived at the first cache only a 100m away and were surprised to turn around and see that we could not see the car, for that matter everything looked the same.

Today was interesting because jets from Nellis Airforce Base were flying overhead. There were lots and I mean lots of sonic booms as we cached.

We had looked at Sunset times and decided that 2 hours before sunset we would see where we were and then work our way back to the car. It turned out we would work our way out to about 4km from the car.
As we cached out here in the desert I came across one rather large brown spider about 3 inches across. I called Rumrunner1 over and we both said wow he is rather big, after a few photos Rumrunner1 got a stick and decided to poke the spider. I said are you sure you want to do that, and he said sure. He flicked it and it turns out he was rather dead. For me this just proved why sticking hands in small places was not a good idea anymore. Not only do I have to worry about snakes and scorpions now there are spiders.

We continued to cache and got to an area in the early afternoon and noticed we could hear rattle;e snakes from time to time. It was when Rumrunner1 bent down to pick up a cache and a rattle snake started to rattle and we knew it must be close by. Now it was time to be careful replacing the cache, it was called drop it and leave quickly.

Then I was bending down to get a cache when a rather large Jack Rabbit jumped up from behind the bush right past my face. To say I jumped would be a understatement.  This would happen several times over the day.

It would be a long day with over 60 caches and 15 km walk for the day. Boy we were tired today.

We had to get one cache in Nevada so we could do 3 states in one day.

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