South to Las Vegas

I left early this morning to avoid the border line-ups with the idea I would do a few caches on the way to the Bellingham Airport.
I did a couple of caches before arriving at a cache along a street in a pull off. As soon as I got out I knew where the cache should be. I went to the area to discover some tape with a baggie attached to it. In the baggie was drugs, great what one does not want to find. The rest of the area had a large smashed pumpkin and was less desirable to look. Now the question to take the drugs and toss them in the trash as Geocaching has a policy of Cache in Trash Out and this would qualify under normal conditions. The problem is if I get stopped on the way to the nearest trash can how do I explain this? I left them behind.

I arrived in Las Vegas and low and behold take the Bus to the Car Rental building only to find out that Fox rentals requires another shuttle.
Getting off the shuttle I looked in the parking lot to find no cars type of the rental class I rented. Yes, free upgrade!
I go inside and listen how I should upgrade for a low cost. I say no my Focus will do as that is what I drive back home. Okay go outside and see the guy. I get to pick my car from a row and choose a Dodge Journey. Okay off we go only to find that it has a low tire warning light. A stop at a gas station shows all tires okay so it must be the spare.
The auto door locks don’t work either.

I decided to use Excalibur this trip because it was cheap and being here for 10 days cuts costs. I find out on check-in the rooms in Tower 1 are being upgraded like those in Tower II.

I was also to meet my friends from Inuvik NWT Chris and Bev tonight and have dinner.
Chris was the one who started me off on caching a few years back.

It was great start to a great 10 days of caching

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