Phoenix Day 2 – Parkway Caches

Well today is Sunday and I am headed off to do the Parkway caches. There is about 90 of them but I don’t expect to get them all.
I hear it takes about 7 hours to do with 2 people. I started about 9:00 AM and finished just before 5:00 PM with a brief lunch stop. I met 2 other cachers from California as well.

I have to say they really have some different practices down here. Drilling holes into trees appears common for some cachers. Having you jump barb wire fences is another. Sorry only did that twice and thought better of it after that. I had a Lizard jump out at me as I reached for a cache (the lizard was real). Moved a rock and had a Alligator looking at me (Ok it was the cache). I have to say my arms look like I was giving blood all day. I have never seen so many micros. The Parkway series took about 8 hours to do with a brief lunch stop. I did a total of 238 KM’s as well including 66 caches for the day. This is more than I have ever done before in a day (18).

The Parkway

This is the Parkway and not many cars on it. The main thing on it is pick-up trucks towing trailers with ATV’s on it.

"Cache cactus"

Cache Cactus

Yes there was a micro in it and yes the thorns hurt.

"One of the many caches I cam across."

One of the many caches I cam across.

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