The Wells Series – Jean, Nevada

I am off to Jean Nevada to do the “Well Series” of caches (GC17K6M is the start) and others in the area.
I left and it was just above freezing and when I arrived in jean it was now about 5C or 40F. Those first few caches were cold.

"Car on the Wells Road"

Car on the Wells Road

I arrived at a cache called Well Done or Half Baked that should have been easy because it was suppose to be in a stove. It was a magnetic tin. I opened that oven to find the oven full of a rats nest. Okay we don’t need to go farther in there. I then looked in the top and around back and nothing. I checked the area to see if someone had found it (muggle – one who is not suppose to find a cache) and discarded it. No luck. I am off to the next one. In fact I am doing really well (no pun intended) and come to the end where I am required to walk about 3 km’s in the dessert. Oh did I mention it had warmed up slightly but now the wind was blowing and picking up sand. My lips are now chapped and my face feels pitted.

"My car is there "

"My Car"

My car comes back into view from a cache I left two trackables ( a trackable is an object or tag or coin that has a serial number on it that you can track on the internet and is placed by fellow caches or found and then taken and logged and then placed in another cache) at. I was the only one out here.

I then head out the “old” Las Vegas Road to do a few more.

"Old Las Vegas Highway"

Old Las Vegas Highway

I did many caches along this road today and there is no need to pull off and park. No one else out here on this part.

I get to the end of the road and go through a tunnel and up this gravel road to do a few caches. Okay maybe this isn’t a good idea. First off I am driving a car not a 4 wheel drive. My clearance is a bit low. I found my first cache on this road and it is totally smashed. I knew this when I left this morning and brought another small cache along to replace it and do the repair. The problem was my new cache was to small. Oh well I signed the log and left it.

I still have a few caches to do this road but it is getting worse as I head up it. I have now bottomed out several times and my next cache is called “Did this fall of your Jeep” ( GC13P58 ) Getting out of my car and looking at it I said you could be very well right on this on this road. There was a complete exhaust assembly lying there. I took that to mean time to head back forget the next ones. This isn’t the place to break down and need help.

I head out north on the old Las Vegas road and there is more traffic out here. I have to make sure I pull off and park.
I do several caches along this road and then head out to possibly do some Earthcaches (caches where one has to answer questions on something about the earth and that location) on the lake bed. I stop at this first cache on the dirt road and do it and notice a couple out in the distance taking photos of themselves with a Joshua Tree. I do the cache and then head off. I head off towards the dry lake bed to see I am going to do those. I pass the couple and they appear to be tourists’. The couple waves and I wave back. I cross under the tunnel under the railroad tracks and head off. I arrive at my next cache which requires a stop on the road and a hike up the hill to the cache. There is a great view from here of the dessert. You can see the lake bed on the far right.
I climb back down the hill and drive a little further down the road and notice anti freeze and oil on the road. Hmm  the road is getting a bit rough. Like I said no need to take chances here, I turn around and head back.
I come upon the tunnel again and cross under it and look to my left where I see the “couple” in a very compromising position if you know what I mean. Yes, lets say I didn’t stop and offer any help, I am sure he had it well in hand. One has to remember that caches can be any where and turn up when you least expect them to. This was likely one of those cases.

I am off and do a few more caches before I decide to call it a day. I had several more along another “gravel” road I could do but I have been wind blown and pitted long enough. I had 37 or 38 caches for the day and this was anew personnel best for me.

I arrive back in Las Vegas and get onto my room where I shower and change. I head off to Tickets 4 less to see what I show ticket I can get tonight. I decide on Cirques Zumanity at New York New York. This was mostly because it was across the street and I didn’t have to walk far. I also decided to have dinner before the show at Gallagher’s Steakhouse in the New York New York. I started with the Fish cakes and then had the Cowboy Steak along with the Baked Potato. There was red wine with dinner as well. Great meal and well worth it after a day like today.
I was off to the show next and soon was inside the theatre. I have been to many Cirque shows before and this one is said to be “different” than the others. It shows the seductive side of Cirque. Lets say it starts off with a Drag Queen and her court and discuses sex in detail. There is a lot of audience participation in this show. So if you go be prepared for just about anything. I enjoyed this show very much and would go again just because there is so much going on during the show. I know I missed lots.

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